Legal Counsel in Spain





Attorney at law: J. Ignacio Fernández Daroca.

English speaking solicitor

Languages and contact: English, German, Russian

J. Ignacio Fernández Daroca,  has a degree in Law from Universidad Nacional a Distancia and has been registered in the local Attorneys Register, Colegio de Abogados de Reus (council nr. 772) since July 2001. Since then he has been representing foreign clients in Spain, advising them in their native languages on a wide variety of questions regarding real estate, the execution of foreign inheritances, as well as the incorporation of firms. Furthermore, J. Ignacio Fernández Daroca has acted as defense counsel in many court cases regarding private international law, including family law with the application of foreign law.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Real Estate Law: representation as defense counsel in court, legal and tax counsel regarding sales agreements, drafting of contracts, translation and counsel at the notary’s office.

  1. Family Law: Divorce between foreigners, acceptance of international rulings, alimonies, divestiture and settlement of foreign marriage agreements, representation in court.

  1. Inheritance Law: Execution of international inheritance agreements, tax counsel, acceptance of international inheritance rulings.

  1. Private International Law: Acceptance and execution of court rulings, implementation of international agreements.

  1. Other Practice Areas: With regards to labor law, criminal law and administrative law J. Ignacio Fernandez Daroca facilitates and coordinates with a specialist colleague to provide the best possible defense for the client.

Legal framework: In Spain attorney licenses and the ethical norms of the legal profession are regulated by the Consejo General de la Abogacía Española (Spanish Bar Council) www.cgae.es, and in Catalonia by the Codi de l’Advocacia Catalana, issued on 1st March 2001 and published in DOGC nr. 3723 of 19.09.2002. The contract between client and attorney is a service agreement, and the fees are agreed freely according to art 1255 Código Civil Español; arts. 39.1 and 39.2  of Normativa de l’Advocacia Catalana.

The service provider is J. Ignacio Fernández Daroca with register number  39.968229Y, address in Raval Santa Anna 47, 1r de 43201 Reus (Tarragona), España, tel. 977.345141 and email: info@spanischer-anwalt.com

   Legal Practice Areas

  1. Criminal Law

  2. Civil Law

  3. Administrative Law and real State Law

  4. Labor Law

  5. Private international Law